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SlottedWeb Moment Frame Connection

The SlottedWeb (SW) structural steel seismic connection developed by Seismic Structural Design Associates, Inc. (SSDA) has been approved for general use as a prequalified connection in Special Moment Frames (SMF).

This steel beam-to-column connection has been approved by the following building code organizations:

The approval includes seismic moment frame designs using either deep or standard columns. No bracing of the beam at the connection is required. These exclusive assets derive from the SW  technology, which eliminates both the lateral torsional buckling mode and virtually all of shear in the beam flanges.

The SW connection technology and designs were developed by SSDA through an extensive privately funded research and development effort. These cost effective connections have gained widespread acceptance by structural engineers as demonstrated by their use in over 800 buildings including commercial office buildings, hospitals, schools, hotels, and residential structures.

SSDA has retrofitted seven buildings that were designed with the pre-Northridge flange welded- web bolted connection using SW technology. The retrofit design rationale, given in Technical Documents, was verified by full scale ATC-24 tests.