Frequently Asked Questions

Typically SSDA works as a consultant to the Structural Engineer of Record for a given project.  The structural engineer for a building designs the lateral force resisting frames of the structure in question utilizing the full strength and full stiffness qualities of the steel beams/girders.  Using the member sizes and spans supplied by the structural engineer SSDA will detail the moment connections.  Typically SSDA will return a completed set of details within 2 working days of receipt of framing information.

SSDA provides the slot geometry details for shop fabrication of moment frame beams and field/shop weld detailing and notes for each strong axis moment connection on the project. SSDA provides this information to the structural engineer of record for inclusion in the engineer’s structural drawings. SSDA will provide full scale testing reports and technical assistance related to the qualification of the SSDA SW moment connection during plan check/review as required.  SSDA will review shop drawings related to the moment connections. SSDA will also provide technical assistance related to fabrication and erection of the SSDA SW connection.   

SSDA determines the design fee for use of the SSDA connection during the initial SSDA design.  No money is due at the time of design.  SSDA typically contracts with the steel fabricator of a given project for payment of fees, although if requested SSDA will contract with either the project owner or structural engineer.

To demonstrate a cost difference, we encourage you to specify the SSDA SW moment connection as an alternate to the connection of your choice on your project. There will be no fee if the SSDA connection detail is not used.